Westend LPG Cylinder Testing

Westend LPG cylinder testing is an approved * Gas Cylinder Test Station specialising in automotive LPG cylinder testing and repairs. Our Sydney based test station is mobile and we provide onsite gas cylinder testing to all suburbs in the Sydney metro area.

What is LPG ?
LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas. Like petrol, LPG is a hydrocarbon fuel, mainly composed of butane and propane. It is non corrosive, heavier than air and in its normal state is a vapour. When compressed LPG becomes a liquid. A distinctive chemical odorant is added to LPG to alert people in the event of a gas leak.


What type of gas cylinders can be retested ?
Automotive, refrigeration and commercial use gas cylinders can be tested and certified. The tested cylinders
must be manufactured and verified to design codes currently listed in Australia.


How safe is an LPG cylinder fitted to a motor vehicle ?
LPG cylinders fitted to motor vehicles in Australia are required to be manufactured and installed to stringent quality and design standards. Many protection and safety features are utilized on LPG powered vehicles in Australia. The fitment of Automatic Fill Limiters, Automatic Fuel Shut Off Devices, sealed sub compartments, non return and pressure relief valves are all mandatory throughout Australia.

manchester lpg tank

How often should gas cylinders be tested ?
LPG cylinders must be inspected by an approved gas cylinder test station at least once every 10 years.


How can I tell when my gas cylinder is due for a retest ?
All gas cylinders are stamped with a ‘test date’ (month and year) along with the approved gas cylinder test stations stamp. The last inspection date is stamped either on the cylinder valve pad, ID plate, cylinder neck or foot ring.


Why is gas cylinder testing necessary ?
Gas cylinders may be compromised by mechanical damage, corrosion, excessive heat and rust and cylinder valves may wear or deteriorate over time. The use of damaged and or out of test date cylinders is illegal and can be dangerous. In New South Wales, Authorised Inspection Stations and gas refilling stations are required to check the test date and Test Station stamp on all gas cylinders.